Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adventure Island

We left Greenville as the snow began to fall.  We needed an adventure from our daily lives and nothing screams adventure like an island off the coast of Honduras.  Needing to make sure the swimsuits still fit we clearly had to try them on before we left. 

Utila is not a quick hop on a plane and you are there.  Once we landed it took two boats to get to the island, it adds to the feel of the adventure, unless you are sleeping.
Once we got to the island we stayed just outside of town (a nice little walk down along the ocean). 

To this beautiful resort of our good friends CJ and Tonya.

Before the students from Greenville arrived we had a week to ourselves.  The island is mostly for scuba divers so the beaches are fairly open.  It was great as we got to spend a lot of time by ourselves enjoying the peace of the ocean.

Charlotte experienced her first time snorkeling.  Her comfort in the water was amazing, as the current could be strong and this was a long way from Greenville's pool.  Her favorite part was seeing the school of Blue Tangs, but also a parrot fish not to mention some of the most beautiful coral in the world.

This proved to be a mistake in hindsight...  but really when on an adventure what doesn't prove to be a mistake?

So this beautiful bird gave us our true adventure.  We went to see him and two other Scarlett Macaws on the other side of the island.  At first they were loud, but great fun to watch until they had enough of us being there and in what seemed like a planned and coordinated event all three came charging at us and bit both of the girls.  Charlotte got the most significant bite on the back of her heel, sending me into a panic as I thought he took out her Achilles tendon.  In true adventure form we were on a four wheeler so we jumped back on that and headed to the local clinic to find that he missed the tendon and all was well.    We didn't go back.

My favorite bridge in the world on the Kay (an even smaller island off the coast of Utila).   They also have the greatest fish burgers ever.

see yummy fish burgers!

hello baby sea turtle...  how cute are you!

Jake and I were able to scuba dive

What a fabulous time we had.... until next time!

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what a great adventure!!!